Katrina Sanders Classical Equitation

      As a horse professional, I make a living by facilitating clear communication between horse and human.  I’m not always perfect in my translations, but I have spent countless hours observing horses, people, reading books, watching videos and taking instruction from those whom I consider to be masters at their language with horses in order to cultivate my skills.  My goal is to do everything in my power to improve my language with the horse and to pass that ability and knowledge on to others.  Maintaining the principle that rewarding for every try is the key to building a solid foundation.  I am very clear in my teaching that the horse’s welfare is my number one priority and that there may be times where we, the humans, may have to release our egos and alter our goals in consideration of the best interest of the horse.  In every new thing that we expose our horses to and in every situation where we have to either re-establish or build trust, this must be what guides us in order to develop a healthy partnership with our horses.  This is the passion which drives my journey in horsemanship.  This is how I believe we can achieve horse-art-man-ship.





Find out about Katrina, her mission and her training philosophies.  Share in her passion by learning about gear makers, peer trainers , mentors and others who share an interest in the preservation of traditional horsemanship.

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